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Image Selection & Upload Dropdown#280

It would be great if I didnt have to click into a dropdown every time I wanted to select or upload a file in a field. There are just the two options so feels like we could just show those two triggers instead of the “Add” option and it would make for 100% less clicks :).

Having used this extensively I’ve found I’m adding a lot of clicking in and out for simple actions, would be nice if we had an “inline” blueprint option for these even.

3 years ago

Hi. I came here to fuss about this too. It does feel like a lot of clickity clicks before I reach my end goal. I came here thinkin’ I’d request the dropdown appear next to the cursor instead of below the Add button (see attached). Another option, as suggested here, would be to make both options inline. And now that I’m really thinking about it, how about updating the modal to include both options instead of requesting they select one or the other. Upon clicking the field they get the updated modal. Consider the attached.

2 years ago
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3 months ago