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Better organize Panel topbar menu#306

The topbar menu of Kirby looks good and clear when not further extended (like in a starterkit). But when it gets extended it can become unintuitive.

I suggest:

  1. Place non-default entries (plugin views) in a separate section
    and group “Users” with “Your account” (see screenshot).
    Currently the default menu entries and plugin views get sorted alphabetically and therefore mixed up.
    • Optionally the entries could be configurable and sortable
      (e.g. in the site blueprint or config).
  2. The “Settings” label is unclear
    • should be called “System” as described in #90
      (or configurable in the site blueprint or config)
    • and/or extendable as described in #63 and #230
  3. Languages could get an own menu entry/view when activated
    to make it more clear for editors/translators
3 years ago
Changed the status to
3 months ago